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Tecartherapy equipment (Electrical Transference of Capacitive and Resistive Energy) are medium wave devices for application in different health sectors because of their powerful biological and physiological effects.
By defnition, all the equipment has these effects; therefore any equipment may be used for any of the following applications. Nevertheless, the need for specialisation in each of these sectors and achieving stronger results specific to the physical area of application (from the mouth to the foot) has triggered the development of a family of devices adapted to each sector, in order to obtain the best biological effect possible.

Here are the basic effects below:

Thanks to the cell metabolism transformation action, the natural anti-inammatory mechanisms are strengthened. Their effects are achieved in acute and chronic procedures.
The release of endorphins induced by the increase in temperature reduces pain and mobilises and eliminates toxins, which facilitates the recovery process of damaged tissue.
Sports Performance and Recovery from Injuries
When stimulating the mobilisation of body fluids, the elimination of exudates after practicing sports is increased, improving the biomechanical parameters, the blood flow to the muscles and tissue regeneration, and accelerating the athlete's RETURN-TO-PLAY.
It accelerates the absorption of extracellular fluids thanks to the activation of the lymphatic and circulatory system.
The vasodilation achieved after its application increases oxygen and nutrients supply, facilitating the scarring process of soft tissues. This effect has been observed in acute and chronic injuries. In chronic injuries, it is important to highlight its effect on fibrosis.
The significant temperature increase achieved from the inside stimulates the organisation of collagen fibres, generating a tightening effect.
The thermal increase these devices generate, together with the rise in cellular metabolism, has shown an impact on the degradation of adipocytes and the production of cell water homeostasis, which stimulates the weight and volume loss process.

Small and handy, this device is powerful for therapy at
home or to attend the elite athletes in the field.
Physiotherapy & Sports. Manual or Automatic Tecartherapy Electrical
Transference of Capacitive and Resistive Energy (1 channel) First
device of the automatic technology family. Through one treatment
channel, you can choose the option of manual capacitive, manual
resistive or automatic capacitive.
Physiotherapy & Sports. Manual and Automatic Tecartherapy Electrical
Transference of Capacitive and Resistive Energy (2 channels) The
best-selling machine in physiotherapy. It has 2 output channels,
which allows automatic applications, fully freeing the operator, or
combination therapies, manual and automatic.
Phlebology & Aesthetic Medicine. Manual or Automatic Tecartherapy
Electrical Transference of Capacitive and Resistive Energy (3 channels)
This model has 3 working channels, allowing operation in female
problem areas: cartridge and abdomen at a time. Model widely
used in aesthetic medicine clinics.
Phlebology & Aesthetic Medicine. Manual or Automatic Tecartherapy
Electrical Transference of Capacitive and Resistive Energy (4 channels)
The top model of the family which produces the most energy injection
through its 4 pairs of plates. It has 4 channels operating simultaneously.
Most popular machine in the centers of biological medicine.
Uro-Gynecological Physiotherapy Electrical Capacitive Transference
(Tecartherapy) device for URO-GYNECOLOGICAL Physiotherapy
(1 channel)/ INTRAORAL, revolutionary application of Tecar Therapy
in the mouth.


The international MEDICA exhibition has been held annually since 1969 and is the world's largest forum in the field of medicine and healthcare. Biomedicinos Technika regular participant of MEDICA tradefair show. 
You are welcome to visit our booth at MEDICA 2021 from 15 to 18 November, hall 11 / D41.
We will demonstrate modern versions of the ALScope-HD and SLV-101 HD colposcopes, as well as the new compact SLV-101 HDm video colposcope.
The SLV-101 HDm is particularly attractive for the private market as it is an affordable and ready-to-use solution that allows you to work even in the most confined spaces.
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New SLV-101 HDm available! 
Biomedicinos Technika presents SLV-101 HDm - compact version of SLV-101 video colposcope. Perfect picture quality in small size.
READY TO USE - Supplied assembled!
SMALL STAND – Suitable for any room!
REAL TIME video on PC via USB connection!

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Biomedicinos Technika will demonstrate colposcopes SLV-101 and ALScope products at the "Russian Health Care Week 2019" show in Moscow.
You are welcome to visit the booth of our partners, LLC Sonomedica.
Booth 22D75 Pavilion no. 2.2.
Exhibition Dates: December 2-6, 2019
Venue: Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow
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