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Medica 2022, Düsseldorf
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Medica 2018, Düsseldorf
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Kihe 2017, Almaty
Baltmedika 2017, Vilnius
Helsinki, 2016

UAB Biomedicinos technika is young and quickly growing company developing and manufacturing medical diagnostic equipment.

Head quarter is based in Vilnius (Lithuania).

Companys main products are optical, ultrasound, infrared imaging systems used in day-to day doctors activities. We seek to make physicians daily practice comfortable and not tiring. We develop devices in a way that all and always could be at a hand and right in front of doctors eyes enabling him/her to escape making unnecessary movements.

The specific aim of our research and development team is not only to obtain high quality image but also to make the equipment functional, reliable and easy to use. Concept all-inclusive and affordable price allow doctors to use all functions of the device immediately without thinking about configuration during purchasing.

Feedback from practicing physicians is regularly received by our team and is promptly responded by optimal and often non-standard decision. Flexibility and mobility of process of production allows us to apply know-how in industry more quickly than competitors.

Surely we meet all standards for modern and safe design, development, production and sale of medical equipment.

Sincerely yours,

Biomedicinos technika team



The last year our colposcopes took an active part in the different events all over the world.

In April the Kazakhstan association of the Reproductive medicine (KARM) hold the IX Regional conference KARM in Shimkent city, where our colposcopes were also presented.


In May SLV-101 and ALScope proved themselves properly in the Colposcopy Saloon, that took place at VII Multidisciplinary International Forum named Cervix and Vulvo-vaginal deseases, in Moscow (Russia).


In the same month the Russian distributor presented ALScope at his booth when participating at the exhibition The medical diagnostics -2022 in Moscow.


In November our company took part in Medica exhibition in Dusseldorf.


In the same month the Kazakhstan distributor submitted the colposcopes at the conference The womans health is the nations health in Almaty.


In December there took place the International exhibition Healthcare (Zdravookhranenie) in Moscow (Russia), where our distributors participated as well.


In addition during the last year in Kazakhstan there were hold authorial classes of the professor Alieva Tamara Jumamuratovna, they included the presentation and the training at ALScope-HD for the doctors.


We hope that the next year there will be more interesting events!

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Best wishes for a pleasant and successful New Year!

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Biomedicimos Technika take part in Arab Health 2023 in Dubai.
You are welcome to visit our booth Z1.F09 at Arab Health 2023 from 30 January to 2 February.
You can try by yourself working with modern versions of the ALScope-HD and SLV-101 HD colposcopes, as well as the new compact SLV-101 HDm video colposcope.
The SLV-101 HDm is particularly attractive for the private market as it is an affordable and ready-to-use solution that allows you to work even in the most confined spaces.
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